Adoption is an option for unexpected pregnancy

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Few moments in life are more difficult and confusing than suddenly finding yourself unexpectedly pregnant – especially when you are young and single. Just a short time ago the future did not at all include the many responsibilities of being a single mom. Scant financial resources and inadequate medical insurance can make the situation seem even more ominous.

You don’t have to do this alone.

Financial Help

If you believe that adoption is your best plan for your baby, we will provide financial help with living expenses, for such things as rent, clothing, food, transportation, utilities, and other pregnancy-related expenses, as allowed by Kansas Law. We want you and your baby to be okay and will do whatever we can legally do to help you. For more information about how we can help you, contact us day or night.

Housing Arrangements

We do NOT require that you live in a maternity home. Most women with whom we work, who need help with housing, prefer that we provide assistance in paying rent. For more information about how we can help you, contact us day or night.

Medical Expenses

You choose the doctor whom you want to see and the hospital at which you deliver, or we will help you find one. We will see that your pregnancy related medical expenses are paid. For more information about how we can help you, contact us day or night.

Transportation Costs

You are not required to pay for visits to doctor’s appointments, meetings with the adoptive families or our any of our services – if you decide to place for adoption. We cover transportation expenses related to your pregnancy. For more information about how we can help you, contact us day or night.

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Are you pregnant and looking for info about adoption?

Answers to your questions

Yes. Every birth mother (or birth parents) has a choice of whom she will consider as the adoptive parents of the baby to be born to her. We believe every birth mother knows in her heart what is right for her baby. A birth mother who decides to work with us is asked to tell us exactly what she wants in an adoptive family. We, in turn, ask her the following questions:

  1. Is a single parent acceptable or would she prefer a couple?
  2. How old can the adopting parents be?
  3. What religions are acceptable to the birth mother?
  4. Can the parents have other children? If so, do they have to be adopted?

Expectant mothers want to know what it will cost them if they want to work with us toward an adoption plan for their baby. And the answer is, it does not cost the expectant mom anything. They pay zero, nothing. Our services are free to expectant mothers who are considering adoption plans for their baby, or putting their baby up for adoption. Our fees are paid by the perspective adoptive parents. So, there is no cost at all, and certainly no obligation on the part of an expectant mom who contacts us and wants information.

We will meet with her, we will explain the process, we will answer all of her questions. If she wants to work with us we are happy to help her out. If she makes another decision it is also fine with us. We are always here to help. Peggy and I are always here to answer other questions as you have them.

When a birth mother comes to us after she has placed a child for adoption and is pregnant again, we have several options for her.

If the birth mother was happy with her first placement and would like to place this child with the sibling she has already placed, we contact the adoptive couple and see if they are interested in adopting a second child by the same birth mother. If they wish to proceed, we will begin a new “birth plan.” If the couple are not wishing to go forward with another adoption, we can help the birth mother find a new adoptive couple.

If the birth mother was not happy with her first adoption, for whatever reason, then we can
help her find a new adoptive couple that meets her requirements.

There are widely varying opinions on this subject. Much depends on the birth mother’s wishes.

If it is a “completely open” adoption, then arrangements should be made between the birth mother and the adopting couple. The birth mother may wish for visitations, pictures, letters, email address exchanges, a separate Facebook page, and many other choices which are available to her.

If the birth mother wishes the adoption would be closed, we can make those arrangements for her.

For many birth mothers, it is very difficult to see the baby after the placement has been made.

Kansas does not recognize “open adoption agreements.” They are not legally binding in Kansas.

In Kansas, the birth mother’s consent. may not be taken until 12 hours after the birth. The consent. is irrevocable. There is no reconsideration period. It is important that the decision be well thought out with proper counsel before signing a parental rights termination.

In Kansas, the final hearing on the adoption will be in no more than 60 days after temporary custody has been awarded. If a birthfather cannot be found, the court may continue the adoption and appoint counsel to represent the putative father. The birth parents are not present at the final hearing.

Yes. If he does not respond to a Notice of hearing and file for custody before the final hearing, his rights may be terminated by the court.